Tenants of Kangaroo Island

I help renters find the perfect home on Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island real estate property for sale

Kangaroo Island Rental Properties

Lynne works with people who are looking to rent on Kangaroo Island by finding them a great perfect property and then managing the rental relationship.

Finding a rental property isn’t always easy, especially with how the markets currently are. Lynne can help you find the great home for your needs and ensure that you find a great place on KI to call home, whether that is for a shorter living time or a longer rental period.

You’re Not Alone

Kangaroo Island Real Estate offers tenants something truly unique!

The Director of the company, Lynne Savage, understands how difficult it can be with property managers who don’t “have a heart” and treat tenants like second-class citizens.

Peace And Privacy

Lynne strongly believes in abiding by the Residential Tenancy Act in all situations and therefore allowing all tenants “peace and privacy” of the rental property they live in.

Routine inspections are conducted at times that suit you, the tenants, and allowances are made because you do LIVE in the property and are not expected to “spring clean” prior to every inspection (she does expect the property to be clean and tidy, though).

Likewise, Lynne understands that you are paying good rent to live in the property of your choice and therefore encourages landlords to keep their property in top condition so that all repairs and maintenance are attended to promptly and without fuss.