About Kangaroo Island Real Estate

Kangaroo Island – My first love

With a family history of ancestors falling in love with KI as far back as the 1930’s, I knew that I would live here one day. It took many decades for my dream to come true but if you work hard enough to make your dreams become a goal, they will become a reality. Originally I planned to retire on KI but then found I couldn’t wait that long! In late 2013 I found the water front land at Bay of Shoals that is now my home. Looking to the future, the idea of a brand name for KI real estate imbedded itself into my mind. Amazingly the business name “Kangaroo Island Real Estate” was available and so the dream is now reality. Magic Happens!

A Real Estate Career

Combining my love of KI with my passion to help people move on with their lives, in relation to buying and selling real estate, I now live in the best part of the world and enjoy a working life enjoying travelling around all the magical areas of my Island Home.

Kangaroo Island real estate property for sale
Kangaroo Island real estate property for sale

Kangaroo Island Real Estate Market

Kangaroo Island is a fantastic area to get into the property market and for the other group of people who might be looking to slow down and retire. The region is booming in tourism and is one of Australia’s most known travel destinations, also refered to as the “Galapagos of Australia”! People currently living on the island are well-aware of the fantastic lifestyle that KI has to offer which makes investing in real estate on Kangaroo Island not only a great monetary investment, but also a fantastic investment in your wellbeing.

Property Prices Kangaroo Island

At Kangaroo Island Real Estate we deal with property prices ranging from entry-level homes to multi-acre properties. Kangaroo Island offers a range of prices from luxurious living to great affordable homes on offer. I look forward to hopefully helping you find your dream home or perfect investment, or possibly sell your Kangaroo Island property to the next lucky buyer.

Kangaroo Island real estate property for sale
Kangaroo Island real estate property for sale

Kangaroo Island Real Estate office

The Kangaroo Island Real Estate office is situated at 9 Telegraph Road, Kingscote with ample off-street parking. The office is open by appointment only as the life of a real estate professional is mostly spent on the road and at various properties, whether homes or vacant land. All available rental and sales properties are displayed in the office window and online on the Kangaroo Island Real Estate website and also RealEstate.com.au